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This site is an ongoing project created in our own free time.

We will continue to add more code, tips and tricks

as we get time to create, find, adapt and test them

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It's time to make the form of all online forms!

JotForm isn't your average form widget. It has a huge amount of features which range from your basic "Contact Us" form to Marketing, Surveys, Event Registration, Order forms and more.


If you can't find what you want here then we'd advise you just give up and stop looking.


As always, there is a FREE option plus the paid options for the serious users.

Templates & Customisation

The templates are split up in to 2 browsing catagories to make things easier to find.

Browse by "Industy" or by "Form Type".


The form types are:


Registration Forms, Contact Forms, Application Forms, Request Forms, Order Forms, Feedback Forms, Signup Forms, Surveys, Event Registration Forms, Evaluation Forms, Booking Forms, Reservation Forms, Report Forms, Employment Forms, Membership Forms, Upload Forms, Abstract Forms, Tracking Forms, Appointment Form, Enrollment, Quote Forms, Payment Forms, Calculation Forms, Wedding Forms, Lead Generation Forms, Content Forms, Volunteer Forms, Consent Forms, Award Forms, Recommendation Forms, Subscription Forms, Polls, Donation Forms, RSVP Forms,  Sponsorship Forms and finally Petition Forms.


That's a lot of forms!

Step 1:

Unfortunately nothing is perfect and JotForm is no exception.

While you make your online form masterpiece you'll need to keep checking that it fits the space you want it in on various platforms. The screen shots below show how 1 form can look slightly different when being viewed on a PC, Android and the iPhone.

Form Integration

JotForm-Price-Guide JotForm-Preferences

JotForm has a HUGE library of premade templates that can tailored to match your sites look.

For those who are slightly more CSS savvy, the forms can be totally customised using CSS in the preference menu.

Now this is the really cool part that we hope our chums at Moonfruit will eventually incorporate to their sitemaker contact form. JotForm has a gazillion integration apps that can make your form do almost anything. The list is in fact so massive that there is no way in hell that I'm typing it all out on here!


Paypal, Webhooks, MailChimp, DropBox, Ink, Voice Forms, Constant Contacts, Android App, Chrome Notifier,  Google Drive and Facebook are just a few examples of JotForms apps that let you integrate it in to every website imaginable.

To check out the whole list you'll need to mooch on down to

The bit that sucks...

please excuse this

shoddy screenshot

And that's it!

Although JotForm is essentially just a form widget, it has a crazy amount to offer and take your website to the next level. If we was to was to try and write about all of the features we'd probably have the longest page EVER!